Sunday, November 12, 2006

Guten Morgan!

Ok, here goes! Baby Morgan is out there, and we aim to find him/her. We're adopting from Kazakhstan through MAPS Adopt, and our dossier has been sent to be translated, hopefully soon to be sent to New York Consulate. The following is for other prospective adoptive parents who are interested (obsessed?) with timelines:

June 2006-- research adoption, consider Kazakhstan, start paper chase
July 22, 2006-- apply for I-600
July 27, 2006 --begin homestudy
August 9, 2006-- Select MAPS agency
August 19-20-- tell family our plans
August 22, 2006 -- home inspection, last home study visit
August 25, 2006 --dossier notarizing party & medical checkups
September 30, 2006 -- I-600 letter/Fingerprinting invitation
October 5, 2006-- Dossier sent to be apostilled
October 6, 2006-- Homestudy notarized
October 10, 2006-- Fingerprinted for Immigration
October 18, 2006-- I-171H received from USCIS
November 1, 2006-- Dossier sent for translation
November 27, 2006-- Dossier translation completed
December 5, 2006-- Dossier received by NYC consulate
December 15, 2006-- Dossier approved by NYC consulate, and off to Kaz!
February 6, 2007--Call received that our dossier has passed through both MFA and MOE, and been assigned to Kostanai, Kaz
February 13, 2007-- email that we need to redo certain docs, as we will be traveling either the 2nd or 9th of March
February 19, 2007--receive LOI, and visa application
February 20, 2007-- book flights, send visa application to NY consulate
March 1 -- travel to Frankfurt
March 2 -- travel to Kostanai
March 3 -- arrive Kostanai, meet Morgan at Delphin Baby House
March 18 -- 15-day bonding is complete
April 3 -- Court date
April 9 -- Return home from trip 1
May 9 -- "Gotcha" day
May 12 -- Arrived in New York City, JFK
May 13 -- Travel to Miami, homecoming at Nana's house