Monday, July 30, 2007

0.980821918 years and counting

Morgan's got one week to go until she turns one so it's probably a good time for a blog update. She's growing rapidly and her personality has new sparkle to it every day.

She's just gotten over a flu and gone back to school this week; she had suffered a fever, cough and other annoyances and was sent home on Wednesday. She stayed home with Michele on Thursday and Friday with me, and today she was SO happy to be back in class with her friends Eric and Caitlin. She has been spending one day a week in the toddlers class so she acclimates to the increased activity, and next week or perhaps shortly after, she will graduate up to that group.

Around the house she's learned to crawl so fast that she can get around as fast as Michele or I can walk. So we've had to block the stairs and the kitchen entrances, and we're toddler-proofing the house. Michele had an inspired idea to convert the area under the stairs to a play room, and the results are great. She goes and plays in her area without prompting since her doggie ("doh doh") lives there now.

We took her to a pool party at Sage and Jae's house last weekend, and she loved playing in the water with Mommy and Daddy. She clearly likes the other girls and was watching them as if all the action centered around herself. She splashed around in an inflated chair as if she were in the bathtub, and almost, almost propelled herself around the shallow end. She crawled around the pool deck recklessly near the water and will definitely need swim lessons sooner rather than later.

We took Morgan on her first road trip. She didn't appreciate being in the car seat for the 2-hours each way to Naples, but she loved playing with Grandma and Grandpa, and going on a little cruise for Grandpa's birthday. We had a great time dining at a dockside restaurant for lunch - Morgan got lots of attention and fried snacks.