Sunday, June 10, 2007


This week, Morgan breezed through her first taste of the International Baccalaureate track (just kidding) at Riviera Child Care Center. Each day opened with emotional drama -- but by Friday, she had adjusted. Caregiver Millie reported that Morgan clapped her hands, smiled during a piano number, ate all her fish sticks and played with both Eric and Caitlin.

Morgan hadn't been crawling a lot, but after her first day at school she came home and was slithering all around our tiled living room. We think she's learning from her classmates. So, Saturday Mom took her up to the mall at Sawgrass and got her some long-pants outfits so she'd be better prepared for torso-locomotion.

Today (Sunday) we went to Sage and Jae's house for a pool party and BBQ, which was incredible fun for Morgan. She had a blast in the pool and loved watching the other children play with brightly colored float toys. In the pool, we also played with Jordan and Angelina and Liam and Kai. By the way Cris and Claire make great burgers and their South Miami house is awesome. Stay tuned, there may be some great photos to come from this party when pro photographer Sarah Preston e-mails them to me.

It was also incredible fun for daddy, who remembered playing in various pools with his own father by using posh hotels, the Granada Country Club, and the Venetian Pool as if they were our backyard (until we got a cool pool of our own.)

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